The Jewish Month of Iyyar: Making a Home of Honey

Happy Rosh Chodesh Iyyar! Happy new moon! 

COMING OUT OF THE MOLD! It’s might be better than coming out of the closet. Although in this case the mold was literally coming out of my closet. So, there you have it folks, the irony of my existence.

Anyway! I got out of my moldy apartment and I got my email working (After 9 days! Blowing you a kiss on the wind to Mercury Retrograde). Bowing an apology to all the delayed responses! Eternally loving my dear mother for helping me do this move, love you forever mom!

I’m alive! I love each and everyone of you. Really, I do. I hold my newsletter readers near and dear. Yes, you! So thanks for bearing with me as my brain comes out of the mold cloud and my body gets up to speed from such an exhausting move.

It’s that time of year, the counting of the Omer time of year. And I’m writing about it. On Instagram @rebekaherevstudio and here, on my blog. Find out more and what it even is, here. In a nutshell: It’s a simple (yet extremely complicated!) guide to becoming a better human.

Bring on the month of HEALING! And GROWTH! It’s no mistake that Iyyar and the astrological sign of Taurus line up. In Judaism Iyyar is a time of healing and Taurus with her deep commitment to pleasure, security, good times, the earth, growth and good solid love, abundance, fertility and sensuality have the potential for a month of healing that’s lasting.

How are we going to heal? We’re following the bees lead and doing it with joy.

Imagine living with all your buddies sharing a common hum your whole life. Imagine going from flower to flower enjoying the beauty and sunshine, where your life is imperative to existence. Imagine going back home ingesting the pollen and TRANSMUTING it back into honey.

That’s what I say we do during Iyyar. Everything we see, everything we touch is a flower. And we make it into honey.

I’m staying with a friend who has a million flowers in his yard. There is a hive literally right outside my door. The native bees (these tiny adorable mysterious flying creatures) and the honey bees are drunk on pollen.

My inspiration.

My blessing for you: Onward to a love affair with bees. Give freely like the bees, being of service and being a pleasure to all you encounter. And may that come back to you tenfold.

Card for the Month:

Cali #7

This is the card for the month again, I guess it’s still all about California. And with me, it's always about joy. And going after dreams even if it pains your heart to do it. Because it pains your heart even more to not do it.

From the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck:

Sun God. Open Wide. Rocks. Sand. Flowers. Desert. Comets. A new day. Drought. Ocean.

The joy an old dog feels running even though it hurts. What it must feel like inside that dog’s heart.