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1.21.19 The Arq, “Interview with Rebekah Erev” by Danya Shultz

6.1.18         The Forward, "Judaism 'Discovered' Wellness Long Before it was Trendy" by Rachel Myerson

7.6.17 Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project, Interview with Rebekah Erev by Nina Pick

1.1.17          Have Company Podcast, "Episode 50: In Conversation with Rebekah Erev"

11.16.16    Congratulations Pine Tree Podcast, "Episode 106: Do It Yourself"

9.7.16          Autostraddle, "Fool's Journey: What Makes a 'Feminist' Tarot?" by Beth Maiden

7.23.16       Two Sided Tarot, "A Visit from the Moon Angels: Getting to Know the Malakh Halevanah Cards" by Marianne

6.3.16          The Little Red Tarot Blog: "Following the Moon, Facilitating Transition: An Interview with Artist and Priestess Rebekah Erev" by Beth Maiden

4.21.16        Autostraddle, "Follow Your Arrow: Artist and Priestess Rebekah Erev on Making Spirituality Accessible to All," by Beth Maiden

3.17.16        Escape to Vavau, "7 Best Tarot Decks for Modern Mystics"

10.2.15       Tablet magazine, "Finding the Magic in Shemini Atzeret," by Merissa Nathan Gerson

2.4.15           East Bay Express, "Art School Opt-Out" by Sarah Burke

Written by Rebekah

1.14.18          Jewschool, "#TorahForTheResistance: The Queer Mikveh Project," interview between Rebekah Erev and Nicki Green

1.12.18          Little Red Tarot, "Queer futures actualized in the present."

12.04.17          Mayyim Hayyim, "Why Queer Mikveh?"

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