Week 2: The Week of Strength and Judgement

Me blowing glass at the glory hole. That’s what it’s called, a glory hole.

Me blowing glass at the glory hole. That’s what it’s called, a glory hole.

This second week of counting the Omer (check my post from a few posts ago about what the Omer even is) week I get out my anger at the bible for being so mean to women. I reflect on their stories and giving them the due respect they’ve been crying out through my cells for.

What does it mean to be strong? (Besides blowing molten glass through an iron rod. Yes, that used to be my job.) What does it mean to make wise judgements? (like besides eating breakfast. Although that can be very major sometimes.)

This second week of counting the Omer I’m inspired by the strength and discernment of the biblical women who took it in the ass for many of us who were to come. I assume before the time taking it in the ass was a positive since the bible set the tone for the antithesis of sex positivity.

This week I’m also feeling my body move, literally. I moved out of my mold stricken apartment and am still feeling the affects of it. Neurological and physical effects. I can’t believe I lived in that friggin apartment for three years. Yesterday a friend asked me if living in brain mold fuzz might have been beneficial. Maybe. Only in the way that ignorance can be bliss. That shit always catches up to you. But it ain’t nothing compared to the what the female’s in the bible went through.

4/18 - Day 8: Chesed she'begevurah, Love within Strength

Eve. First woman ever to disobey god, setting the tone for the rest of humanity! But she gets punished and has to live a regular life setting the tone for the rest of us. She has a pretty rough life too, her second son is murdered by her first son and she’s in hella pain during childbirth. But this woman keeps on keepin on. She keeps loving and living. That’s why she is our matriarch for today, to continue with a heart of gold even though you’ve basically been the first person to live a regular life takes strength.

4/19 - Day 9: Gevurah she'beGevurah, Strength within Strength

My favorite, Vashti: labeled a hoe (which, what the hell is wrong with that? It's actually a compliment people.) for saying no to the king epitomizing strength within strength.

4/20 - Day 10: Tiferet she'beGevurah, Compassion within Strength

Deborah: sits under a palm tree and claims her glory by going into battle with her counterpart Yael and basically kicks ass killing the enemy and then sings a glory song about it where she has a huge amount of empathy for the mother of the man they killed (even though it had to be done) She shows compassion within strength. Then she smokes a bowl.

4/21 - Day 11: Netzach she'beGevurah, Endurance within Strength

Today the counting of the Omer is about Dinah, Who's never given a voice even though she's raped and has to give up the child of the rape. We show our own endurance within strength when we have a voice and tell our own stories of survival.

4/22 - Day 12:  Hod she'beGevurah, Glory within Strength

The glory of beginning after tragedy. Yemima (Bright Day), Ketziah (Cassia Tree), and Keren-happuch (Horn of Eyeshadow) all inherit land in a time when only the boys got it. Through this strength they are given the glory of determining their own destinies. Plus, Keren-happuch is the coolest name ever (definitely naming my daughter Horn of Eyeshadow).

4/23 - Day 13: Yesod she'beGevurah, Connectivity Within Strength

She’ilah (questioner) is the most amazing woman in these stories. Her dad Jephthah get some convoluted message from God that he should kill her. He’s seriously fucked up. She does so many things to show him he shouldn’t kill her. Does he listen? No. But she rally’s her lady friends around her to celebrate her and her life. Then when her asshole of a father murders her, she

4/24 - Day 14: Malchut she'beGevurah, Majesty within Strength

I would love to know what the standards of beauty were in biblical times because Leah is always talked about as not as beautiful as Rachel. But dude, Leah gave birth at like 90 years old after birthing many more kids before that. Despite not being loved by her husband she’s resolute about being happy. She wants to be remembered for that. That’s majestic. I’d put a ring on it, Jacob was bananas.