Week 1: The week of Love

Aaaaaahhhhhhh love. Who doesn’t love love? The first week of the Omer starts us off with love because love comes first, always. Love wins in the end, always. The truth of existence is love. By building our love. our love of the sky, our love of our hands, our love of the glow in each others eyes, our love of the movements for liberation. (see my Instagram posts for more details on each of this first week of Luuuvvv and flower essences for each of the days @rebekaherevstudio)

4/11 - Day 1 Chesed she'beChesed Love within Love

Pure love. Love inside love inside love. Like the petals of a rose, going deeper and deeper.

4/12 - Day 2 Gevurah she'beChesed Strength within Love

The rose bud is also very strong, holding the actual strength of potential.

4/13 - Day 3 Tiferet she'beChesed Compassion within Love

The generosity of love. Love for those who have hurt us the most. Love for ourselves, the one it is often the most difficult to have compassion for.

4/14 - Day 4  Netzach she'beChesed Endurance within Love

When apathy hits, how do you endure? What lifts you up? Keeping the faith, persistence. The essence of wild roses lifts up your body and soul.  

4/15 - Day 5 Hod she'beChesed Glory within Love

The glory of existence.

4/16 - Day 6 Yesod she'beChesed Connection within Love

Connection to the center of ourselves and therefore everything.

4/17 - Day 7 Malchut she'beChesed Majesty within Love

The royalty of love, the majesty is when we feel the fullness of there being enough. We are enough.