RITUAL Facilitation

I officiate and co-create ritual for major life cycle events. Please inquire to set up a meeting or for more information.

Home Blessings

Welcoming a new home,  apartment or land into one's life is a beautiful opportunity. I help bring meaning to this potent transition. 

Transitioning Gender Rituals

Bringing ritual to a change in gender whether physical, spiritual or symbolic is an awesome opportunity for support and intention.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah's

Moving from childhood into the teenage years is a special time both for the child and family. I offer custom ritual planning to help families and the bat and bar mitzvah child feel their ceremony is authentic to their experience.

Divorce and Separation Rituals

When relationships shift having an intentional marker of the separation can help facilitate integration. 


The mikveh is an ancient practice of ritual immersion into water used as a cleansing. This ritual can be incorporated into many life cycle events. It's a visceral experience potent in symbolism.

Baby Blessings & Namings

A new baby in the world is a gift to the world. I work with families to welcome their new baby with celebration and beauty. 

Transitioning in or out of Illness or Ability Rituals

Whether entering or ending an illness or change in ability; having a ritual to mark the change can bring support and integration to friends, family and most importantly the individual embarking on the change.


Death can  often be a difficult time. I offer guidance and facilitation of ritual, including the facilitation of a funeral or memorial, to bring comfort and steady support .