The Jewish Month of Nisan: Freedom, I Won't Let You Down 

There’s is scientific proof that that the story of the Red Sea parting in Exodus is actually, really true. It’s a tale of the earth and her peoples working together to create seismic shifts, the kind of changes that build epic stories, that we tell for generations.

If Nisan is the month of happiness (which, it is), then happiness is inherently linked to liberation (which is true happiness). Because one of the most important holidays in Judaism falls in Nisan, Passover (which is all about liberation ;).

Last month I went to Joshua Tree for the first time to see - super blooms. I was most taken with ocotillo, a plant I’ve been taking in tincture form for years but never met in the live real life. The essence of ocotillo helps us to feel secure in unconditional love and through that security, allow our actions to spring from love, not obligation. Action from love, not from the binds of what we think we should do. That is liberation.

When we work together with this spirit, collectively and individually we have the potential to weave together a story of miraculous proportions.

You know what magic is? It’s lifting up the good that exists and bringing it to higher consciousness. Magicians, witches, priestesses, brujas, bring attention to what already exists. We make what’s good, gooder (better-whatever, I’m lifting up lots of different ways of speaking English!). That’s why social justice work is magic, it transforms problems by bringing to light the truth of love. This journey is not for the faint of heart dear ones! It takes courage and perseverance to create these seismic shifts. As the beloved George Michael may his spirit be uplifted sang, “Freedom, I will not give you up!”

My blessing for you: May you choose liberation over and over again and may it lead you to loving action, loving embraces and a deep trust in your commitment to truth.


Ok everybody. I predicted the card I’d pull for the month. I picked it earlier today and then I knew I’d pick it again for the card for the month. Boooooobs. I cannot get away from this topic!

Recently I’ve been witnessing some beautiful embodiment of friends getting breast reduction and augmentation surgery and I’ve witnessed similar experiences with friends getting top surgery in the past. Not everyone wants the chest they were born with, not everyone has the boobs they want and some people want a rack who weren’t physically born with one. Giving people options about this is one of the main beauties of modern science.

But it’s not an option for most trans people because as a country we are just barely beginning to recognize trans rights. Having accessible, safe healthcare that includes hormones and surgery if one desires that and practitioners who understand trans issues is just a basic right. Black trans women are the most affected by our lack of education and services. This year we see this in the murders of Mesha Caldwell, Keke Collier, Jaquarrius Holland, Chyna Gibson, Ciara McElveen, all murdered since the beginning of 2017. This is also reflected in the number of black trans women who end up in prison, an extremely skewed number compared to other groups and in a severely violent environment for them. Let’s commit to lift up the work of trans women of color and follow their lead in our work for liberation.

For Nisan half the funds from the Boobs Poster support TGIJP (Transgender, Gender Variant and Intersex Justice Project). From their website: “The mission of TGIJP is to challenge and end the human rights abuses committed against TGI people in California prisons, jails, detention centers and beyond.” Buy a Boobs Poster or support TGIJP directly.