The Moon Angels Are Here!

 Connect with the cycles of the moon. Trust your intuitionBuild community. The Moon Angels are here for you.

The Moon Angels Oracle Deck is a tender witness- each card shimmering with skillfully rendered psychedelic wisdom. This deck slices through difficult emotions to offer brilliant perspective beyond the yes/no, right/wrong binaries we so often find ourselves trapped inside.

Do a spread or pick a card a day. Erev’s pastel humor and glorious abstractions offer a fresh jolt of energy, allowing us to lift the weight of self-judgement & criticism off our shoulders and leave it behind.
— Indira Allegra
Moon Angels elevates our emotions to the realm of intuitive sentries, making our hearts a magical source of power and wisdom. With elegant intelligence and bright, sensitive artwork, Moon Angels is a gorgeous maestrapiece - soulful, ambitious, playful and helpful.
— Michelle Tea, author of Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self Through the Wisdom of the Cards
Rebekah Erev’s Moon Angels follow me through the month like the moon herself, marking the time and guiding my days with light and insight, magic and weirdness, beauty, breath, and depth. So grateful each morning to pull a card that speaks to my heart, spirit, queerness, and witchiness, and surprises me with its shiny, sequined wisdom and watery moon lit reflection. I LOVE them so much!
— Dori Midnight

The Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck is a set of divination cards inspired by the moon cycle to guide your days and nights. 29 cards following the cycles of the moon, with original art by Rebekah Erev, beautifully hand-packaged, and accompanied by a book of insights. 

The Moon Angels Oracle Deck was inspired from a teaching in Judaism that when you have a feeling, it's an angel visiting you. Printed and handmade in the San Francisco Bay Area, this deck centers the care of our bodies, nurtures our intuition, inspires creativity and honors the cycles of the earth.

Rebekah Erev’s whimsical and intriguing divination deck uses sparse yet evocative drawings of her own design. The images have an organic feeling, evoking hands, breasts, fish, and cells. The book of explanations that goes with the cards is poetic and original: “Reach out... it will blow your mind!” one card proclaims, while another whispers: “If you are still like the mountain, you can feel the shining, fascinating diamond that you are.” The deck is Jewish in content but not in a conventional way. The titles of each card are given in Yiddish—an evocative language that holds humor, ambivalence, and intimacy. This deck is a powerful tool for tickling the consciousness and opening to new possibilities.
— Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD. Co-founder of the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and author of The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Visions of Jewish Women’s Spiritual Leadership
Rebekah Erev’s Moon Angel Oracle Cards have become a part of my regular practice of divination, spell casting, and bringing forth information about what needs tending to. I use them to send prayers to loved ones. I use them to stimulate imagination. Thank you Rebekah for this useful and beautiful tool.
— Nomy Lamm