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Air/Briah: Breathing a Bellow of Beauty

Take a deep breath into the beauty of autumn. As the leaves’ fancy colors leap through the air we will bellow out our songs of gratitude, build community, express ourselves and explore ancient traditions. 

There is a teaching in Judaism that an angel whispers over each blade of grass, “Grow, Grow.” In this workshop we’ll learn to listen to the whispers of ancients encouraging us to be our full selves. We’ll sing (and learn) songs, we’ll blow the shofar (ram’s horn), we’ll do breath work, a sound mikveh (metaphoric ritual bath), make art about the element of air and receive loving encouragement to set free our voices. 

No Hebrew or Singing Experience required. Beginners Welcome. 

Led by Kohanot (Hebrew Priestesses) Nomy Lamm and Rebekah Erev. 

Email to register.

Morning service is free. Workshop is sliding scale $50-100, according to what you can afford. 

More about Sliding Scale:

Scholarships available. People of color and people with disabilities are invited to attend for free. Fees can be paid ahead of time in order to avoid handling money on Shabbat. 

Wheelchair accessible. Please come scent-free.

How to be scent-free:

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