Individual Sessions


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Creative Life Coaching

I work with people to connect with their authentic values, to develop them and use them to guide the gifts they naturally have to offer. This work is based in the wisdom of your body and the wisdom of the earth that is always here to offer support. We use somatic work to guide you to listen to your intuitive body. I offer exercises for developing your creative voice and practical tools to use your creativity to guide your life. This can be applied to big and small projects, life changes or developing habits and practices.

I see our work together as a collaboration, as all creative projects are. I will share my intuition skills, my experience as an artist, my background as a small business owner, a teacher and a priestess. I see the sharing of our creative authentic selves as a vulnerable act. In this vulnerability is a strength and beauty the world needs for human survival. Therefore, your creativity is not only necessary, it’s essential for the survival of earth.

I also offer business coaching for creatives. I help you think about how to making a living from what gives you the most joy and brings abundance into your life. I share and guide your development as a creative to bring in income from the work you are most called to offer the world. These are practical skills that I will help you build accountability systems around.

I believe our creativity is an essential force for healing capitalism and oppression. It is the way we harness magic and healing. If it is our intention, we can liberate our creative voice, both literally and metaphorically, to heal ourselves and our world.

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Moon Angel Oracle Card Readings

In my readings I work with creative energy. As an artist intuitive, my framework is seeing. I see creative energy and potential. I see what is visible and invisible: guiding you to feel into what’s most present in the moment, supporting you to release what’s no longer needed and cheering on the beauty that’s aching to be shown to the world. As a kohenet, I am listening. I open to hearing  what messages your ancestors, plants and animal spirits want to share with you. As an activist, I work with the energy of moving. I share gentle suggestions for actions steps you can take to activate change.

Ultimately what’s most important is what resonates in your bones. I simply respond to what energy I feel present in you, in our moments together. There is a recognition in your body that comes in the form of sensation when something feels “right.” It’s not an emotional response, although emotions may attach themselves to it as it integrates. My job is to listen, coach and help you discover this for yourself- your own wisdom. I see your most authentic self and hold a space for that tender, important emerging.

I am not a counselor but I hold a confidential, safe, loving space for processing and feeling. I honor experiences of societal oppression including disability, race, class, gender and sexuality as relevant and present. I focus on your greatest good, to assist you in the development of your creativity and intuition.

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Queer Mikveh Session

A mikveh is an ancient Jewish ritual using water for transformation, cleansing and healing. Traditionally this body of water symbolizes the womb of the divine, though modern patriarchal interpretations will tell you otherwise. We immerse to jog the memory of our divine nature.

When we make ritual, we are working with the holy forces of presence and intention. The magic of mikveh comes from making contact with water (literal or metaphorical). Contact with water marks a threshold, we enter into liminal space and are able to use this moment to catalyze our intentions.

A mikveh is for anyone and I work with people of all genders and sexualities. We also use the framing of Queer Mikveh to put this ritual into use for those it has been historically unavailable. Those of us who live outside of the binary in terms of gender or sexuality. The intention of Queer Mikveh is to revise this ancient ritual, making it meaningful and relevant.