Each couple and ceremony is unique

WEDDINGS & Commitment Ceremonies

I enjoy getting to know my clients and connecting with them on a deeper lever, which helps me create a ceremony that is beyond their wildest expectations. I strive to go above and beyond their dreams. My clients become my inspiration and are the driving force for a unique ceremony where we all become each other's muses. I love my clients who are of all ages, genders,  sexualities, religious / spiritual backgrounds (or none), races, abilities and ethnicities.  My training in the Jewish Renewal movement as a Kohenet or Hebrew Priestess also lends my skills to Jewish weddings.  I specialize in ceremonies that combine different spiritual backgrounds, helping people negotiate and blend their individual customs to create a beautiful cohesive ceremony.

Interested in finding out more? Contact me for a FREE 45 minute consultation!

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  • Complimentary 45 minute meeting to see if it’s a good fit.

  • Unlimited email and phone calls to coordinate logistics and for any questions along the way.

  • 30 minute meeting to introduce process and begin our work together.

  • Extensive process to discover values, dreams and commitment called, "Mapping a Life Together."

  • Two hour meeting to discuss the "Mapping a Life Together" exercise.

  • One hour meeting to discuss ideas and structure the ceremony.

  • One hour rehearsal.

  • Arrival 60 minutes prior to ceremony with availability for last minute questions (and jitters)

  • Officiation of the ceremony


Creation and leading of mikvah, blessing circle or engagement ceremony leading up to the wedding or commitment ceremony, pre-marital / pre-commitment counseling.

Writing of text for the ketubah.

Creation of art for ketubah.

Traveling for a wedding is absolutely possible. And yes, I do elopements!

Please note: Rebekah offers customized ceremonies and rituals. Most people are interested in co-creating their event, her time spent with you is to create a unique, memorable event.

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jewish wedding


How long is a typical marriage or commitment ceremony?

Ceremonies range from 15-30 minutes. On occasion they may be longer depending on the families desires.

Do I have to obtain a marriage license?

In California you can apply for a marriage license at any county clerks office in the state within 90 days of your ceremony. It does not have to be where you are getting married or where you live. For a confidential marriage license you must go to the County Clerks office of the county you will be getting married in.

Many counties have the paperwork available online so that you can bring it in filled out. Both partners must go in person to get the paperwork, and you must bring your ID. Many counties only accept cash or certified check/money order for the fees, so remember to check before you go.

Alameda County Clerk’s Office
San Francisco County Clerk’s Office
San Mateo County Clerk’s Office
Santa Clara County Clerk’s Office
Marin County Clerk’s Office

Are we supposed to tip you?

Tips are never expected and always appreciated. It’s completely up to you.

Are you ordained to legally marry us?


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