Protect Your Joy

Please. Please protect your joy. You are a precious universe, you in this body, at this time, on this planet.

In this time of the new moon, you have the opportunity to let go of self-criticism, blame and taking on more responsibility than is yours. Pine is a tree that can support you to take responsibility for what’s yours and then, to move on. This tree that stays green through the winter months reminds us of the verdant growth our hearts are capable of when we focus on joy. Our self-critic doesn’t leave much room for glimmers in our eyes and bursts of laughter.

The best, most effective way of protecting our joy is by cultivating more joy. Noticing in our days when we find those singular moments. I notice them in the sound of the rain, the warmth of my bed, petting a kitty, noticing the lush green of a plant, laughing at myself and joking with people on the street.

Adar, this month we are entering, is the month of joy in Judaism. The bubbling up of sap, leaking from the trees comes on in Adar. Things get sticky, in a good way. Purim, is the holiday of satire and gawdiness and falls in Adar. It’s a holiday to get so mixed up, you forget right from wrong and dance so hard and laugh so much your body exhausts itself into deep lucid dreaming.

Happy Rosh Chodesh Adar! Chodesh Adar Tov!

Practice: This month, before you fall asleep at night, remember three moments of joy from your day. Bring yourself back to those moments, letting the sensations hum over your body, filling your senses with a feeling of joy.

Blessing: May this month bring unabashed joy. May you express your joy with wild abandon! Walk down the street singing! Wink at a child in line at the grocery! Hug a tree! Tell bad jokes! Tell good jokes! Make sweet love to the universe!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the Hebrew month. Rosh Chodesh has ancient roots. This monthly celebration falls the day after the new moon, when we see the first sliver of the moon in the night sky.

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