Queer Mikveh Session

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Queer Mikveh Session

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A mikveh is an ancient Jewish ritual using water for transformation, cleansing and healing. Traditionally this body of water symbolizes the womb of the divine, though modern patriarchal interpretations will tell you otherwise. We immerse to jog the memory of our divine nature.

When we make ritual, we are working with the holy forces of presence and intention. The magic of mikveh comes from making contact with water (literal or metaphorical). Contact with water marks a threshold, we enter into liminal space and are able to use this moment to catalyze our intentions.

A mikveh is for anyone and I work with people of all genders and sexualities. We also use the framing of Queer Mikveh to put this ritual into use for those it has been historically unavailable. Those of us who live outside of the binary in terms of gender or sexuality. The intention of Queer Mikveh is to revise this ancient ritual, making it meaningful and relevant.

All are welcome

I welcome all. Queer and trans identified folks, our allies, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) identified, people who have converted and are interested in exploring mikveh and people with disabilities to this ritual.

You may do this ritual just the two of us or you are welcome to invite others to witness or participate in your immersion if you choose.

Location of ritual

We can do the ritual at your home (within 20 minutes of driving from Olympia, WA), my home office (we will use my bathtub), a public space or at a local mikveh. When you book your session, please let me know what you prefer and we can work out the details.

We will name and honor the indigenous people of the land where we do the mikveh. If you would like to add anything else to this part of the ritual, please let me know.

Ritual possibilities

There are other options for mikveh besides water immersion. We can create sound with voices and use recordings of toning or whale songs to do a sound mikveh. In this mikveh the vibrations and sound wash over and transform. We can also do toiveling (Toivel means immerse in Hebrew) otherwise known as, Object Mikveh. This is a revisioned process of koshering objects. If you have an object that needs transformation or cleansing, we can use our ritual time to focus on this object, giving a metaphorical or literal mikveh to some thing that has meaning to you.

In this offering we will co-create a ritual using a variety of ritual tools.


A Queer Mikveh session is 2 - 3 hours long. The cost is sliding scale $200 - $500. I offer three low income sessions a year on a first come, first serve basis for a cost of $150. Please email: rebekah@rebekaherevstudio.com to set up a Queer Mikveh.

As an alternative to a full session in person, I’m also available for mikveh consultation sessions over the phone where we co-create/plan your ritual together using the Moon Angels (though I am not actually present for the mikveh) the cost of $45-$65 ( sliding scale) for a 45 minute session.

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