Consulting Session

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Consulting Session

from 90.00


I am available for a variety of consultation sessions. This may be one or a series of sessions. Topics for these sessions include, but are not limited to:

Working with people navigating commitment ceremonies and weddings. I'm available for coaching and consultation on the myriad questions and circumstances that come up when you are planning a ceremony. These include and are not limited to: deciding on logistics, integrating various traditions, weaving various family dynamics and negotiations around polyamory. 

(I also offer the DIY Wedding Officiant Handbook to help people create a commitment ceremony or wedding that aligns with their dreams and values.)

Spell work and ritual creation. I have co-created, done my own, participated in and facilitated hundreds of rituals and spells over the last twenty plus years. Building a ritual or creating a spell can be simple or multifaceted. Some possible elements include: plants, art, silence, animals, writing, prayer, altar building, song, bibliomancy (intuiting with books), movement and meditation. It can be solo, with a witness or in community. I’m available to consult you and your community on creating and manifesting. 

Possible topics include and are not limited to: 

  • marrying yourself

  • committing to chosen family

  • releasing unwanted energies or moving on from a person or situation

  • adopting a new (or abandoned) artist identity

  • moving in or out of ability

  • making a dedication to social justice work

  • claiming gender and disability identities

  • beginning a new life’s work

  • group contracts around community commitment

  • memorials for pets

  • manifesting sex, love or celibacy 

  • revisioning/reinventing, making Jewish holidays more personally relevant (including orientating towards a Judaism that is not zionist, heteronormative or patriarchical)

  • ancestral reverence

  • land acknowledgement; honoring your Indigenous background or if you are not Indigenous, honoring the Indigenous people of the land you make home on. 

  • creating celebrations for diasporic Judaism

You name it. Pick my brain; sort through an ethical dilemma; pitch a creative idea and get feedback; receive support articulating your core values; have a cheerleading session where I pour out how incredible and wonderful you are. 


1 hour session:

Sessions are sliding scale $100-$160 an hour

Low income and pay what you can options:

I offer 2 low income slots a month for $75. I also offer 1-2 pay what you can slots a month for special situations. Please email me to set this up.

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